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spoke.coffee delivers great local coffee to you, via bike!

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How It Works

1. Place Your Order

Order coffee with our simple form. It's cashless and super easy, and 100% secure. Your credit card is charged via Stripe, so it never even touches our server.

2. We Pedal to You

Your order is immediately dispatched via app to one of our bike messengers, who will head straight to you with a fresh cup of coffee from your favorite local shop.

3. Enjoy Your Coffee

In around 5 minutes (or less!), our rider arrives at your address and hands you a cup of fresh, local, high-quality coffee. That's all there is to it!

Our Vision

spoke.coffee makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite local coffee. From the moment you start your order until the hot cup of coffee is in your hand we want to give you service that matches the great coffee. Created by local entrepreneurs, spoke.coffee is about connecting local businesses with local consumers.

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About Us

We are a Portland Startup Weekend startup composed of local students and entrepreneurs who are interested in making it easier for local businesses to connect with customers.

Our Team

Ben Whitehead

Ben is a student at Lewis & Clark College, studying mathematics and computer science.

Bryan Wolf

Passionate about design but also makes time for riding motorcycles, archery and trying to figure out how to take over the world in a practical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing kind of way. He is also may be the son of Zues.

David Heller

David has 15 years of B2B software product and project management experience working to make business transactions easy. This weekend, he's working to help to make coffee transactions easy.

Hunter Feiss

Hunter hails from Montana, and has with 10 years of photographic experience and corresponding enthusiasm. He's our the resident documentarian and media guru at spoke.coffee.

Ido Shoshani

Ido is a full time student at Lewis & Clark college. He is a back-end developer for spoke.coffee.

Jack Cannon

Jack is a newbie in the tech world - he's here to learn and contribute to spoke.coffee's mission. Jack is working as an actuary, and brings a background in finance along with a solid business acumen to the team.

James Josephson

An idealist at heart, James academically pursues the complex beauty of mathematics and physics, but finds his true love in graphic design

Miles Crabill

Miles is a Computer Science student at Lewis & Clark college. He is interested in computer security and has a passion for education. Miles is a back-end developer for spoke.coffee.

Nicole Phelps

Nicole is finishing her last term at Oregon State University, majoring in Computer Science. She loves entrepreneurship, mobile development, volleyball, music, and wine. This weekend, Nicole is developing the native iOS mobile application for spoke.coffee.

Quinn Rohlf

Quinn is a full-stack web developer with a passion for entreprenuership. This weekend, Quinn is running point for web design and development at spoke.coffee

Tyler Church

Tyler is a Portland native with a love for politics, entrepreneurship, and the outdoors.

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